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2017 – a year in family portraits

So, hopefully you’ve seen my weddings round up of 2017 (if not scroll down!), now for my family portraits. I adore shooting families. Meeting everyone’s wonderful kids, seeing the relationship between all the families and being able to capture some of the spirit that hopefully will help you remember what it was like when they were small. It’s such an honour and the best moment for me, is going round my clients’ houses and seeing my work on the walls proudly displayed. I hope you enjoy looking through these as much as I enjoyed taking and choosing them. (If you look closely you might even spot a couple of my own kids in there somewhere!)

Family is not an important thing, it’s everything. – Michael J. Fox

Do get in touch if you, or you know someone who, would like a family shoot.



























































































A year in wedding pictures – 2017

Well, it’s that time of year again, where I go through the past year of weddings that I’ve photographed. Boy it went fast! There were some seriously happy times in this year! Going through the thousands of photos was quite a joy, seeing the laughter and tears on everyone’s faces! Some very special moments indeed. Here’s to a fabulous 2018 and loads more of that please!




A year in wedding pictures – 2016

Well – it’s been a slightly different year for me this year as it was my first with two children. My little one has been keeping me very busy, but I’ve still had time for my lovely clients. Here are a few photos from my 2016 weddings, that made me smile. Hope they make you smile too. A massive thank you to each and every one of you guys that trusted me with your special day. Hope you all have very long and very happy marriages. Love Carrie x













































































































































A year in wedding pictures – 2014

Well we’re at that time of year again where I have a look over the last year and all the lovely couples I’ve met, and had the opportunity to spend the day with, on one of their most important days of their lives. It’s a fab job and looking through some of the images I’ve captured over the last year reminds me that I’m so lucky to do what I do. A big thank you to all of my customers who got married and chose me to capture your day. I hope 2015 is going well for you all. Grab a cuppa and scroll through these. Hopefully some of them will make you smile.

























































































































Here’s to 2015 – so many bookings already and more coming in – can’t wait to get started! First one is in a couple of weeks!

Sue and Simon’s Hotel Terravina wedding

I’m finally starting to get onto the backlog of weddings that I haven’t shown you (there’s quite a few!) Sue and Simon got married last summer (yes that long ago!) at Hotel Terravina in Woodlands in the New Forest. It was a lovely summers day and everyone was in high spirits. The hotel is a boutique hotel and has a fantastic reputation and is perfect for small weddings. Here’s a few highlights from their day.











































Alex and Ben’s Netley Castle wedding

Work has completely consumed me recently and with having a family to look after now too, blogging has definitely taken a back seat. This time of year things get slightly easier (I’m still really busy with shoots and weddings, but not as much as I was over the summer!) so I’m going to try to catch up on some of the weddings I haven’t shared with you guys yet!

Alex and Ben live in this castle (it’s broken up into flats) It’s opposite Netley Abbey and it’s stunning, right on the water! It was such a lovely place for a wedding. And what an amazing day it was. Check out their story.









A few tears from Alex’s dad! Bless him.















I just loved the see through marquee so you could see the castle through it! Great idea!


Gorgeous food.






Thanks for looking guys and I’ll be back soon (hopefully!) with some more lovely weddings!

A year of weddings 2013

Well here we go again – another start to another year. 2013 was the year our son turned two, the year we still didn’t finish our house, the year my sister moved back to the UK from the States (yay!), the year my husband became an Ironman and another fantastic year for me photographing weddings.

Yet again I’ve been blessed to be part of so many people’s special days. What’s even more lovely is all the recommendations I’ve had from previous clients – it’s so wonderful to hear that all my hard work is paying off, when people love their pictures and want others to have the same experience. What’s also very special for me is when customers turn into friends.

I’ve hopefully got a great year ahead, with more weddings, portraits and commercial jobs already booked in and enquiries coming in for 2015 too. I’m also involved in a new business launch for outdoor weddings in the New Forest, which should be super exciting (more on that to follow!).

Last year I blogged a variety of shoots as well as weddings, but I thought I’d stick with just weddings for this one – with the aim to do a portraits blog too! So feast your eyes on my stunning customers…











































































































Jody and Martin’s Larmer Tree Wedding

Jody and Martin are a lovely couple, who decided to get married this summer and their wedding was just amazing. I was so pleased they asked me to photograph their day as they’d thought of absolutely everything and there were so many details!

They chose one of my favourite venues, the Larmer Tree Gardens in Wiltshire.

Both Jody and Martin got ready at the King John pub just down the road. The first thing they did differently was they weren’t worried about the superstition of seeing each other before the wedding, so whilst I was taking getting ready shots with the girls, Martin kept popping in to check on them, which was really sweet!



Here’s their rings. The fox ring, I believe, was temporary as Jody’s ring wasn’t quite ready for the day.


Check out Jody’s amazing dress. Especially those yellow ruffles underneath!

larmertreeweddingphotographyt04 larmertreeweddingphotographyt05 Jody’s glasses were vintage – and I think they suited her really well. Don’t you just love her yellow bag too?larmertreeweddingphotographyt06 And the shoes? Need I say more? Stunning!larmertreeweddingphotographyt07She even had a pair for dancing in too! Love the photo of Martin and Jody’s dad through the window.
larmertreeweddingphotographyt08 This is Jody’s nephew – what a cutie!larmertreeweddingphotographyt09 larmertreeweddingphotographyt10 Off to the venue – it was turning out to be a lovely day!larmertreeweddingphotographyt11 Jody and Martin chose to have an outdoor humanist ceremony. So pleased the weather was on our side!larmertreeweddingphotographyt12 They’d thought of everything from flags for the guests, to order of services, to beautiful little floral displays.larmertreeweddingphotographyt13 larmertreeweddingphotographyt14 larmertreeweddingphotographyt15 Martin and his best man, Andy were very relaxed.larmertreeweddingphotographyt16 larmertreeweddingphotographyt17 Jody arrived with her dad in a Cadillac!larmertreeweddingphotographyt18 Love Martin’s proud face as he watches Jody arriving.larmertreeweddingphotographyt19 larmertreeweddingphotographyt20 It was one of the most relaxed ceremonies I’ve ever seen.larmertreeweddingphotographyt21 GREAT readings!larmertreeweddingphotographyt22 larmertreeweddingphotographyt23 In the background you can just make out Gail the wedding coordinator at the Larmer Tree, she’s still one of the best I’ve ever worked with. She makes everything run so smoothly.larmertreeweddingphotographyt24 larmertreeweddingphotographyt25 larmertreeweddingphotographyt26 larmertreeweddingphotographyt27 First owl as a ring bearer I’ve ever seen too! I was so pleased to “get the shot!”larmertreeweddingphotographyt28 larmertreeweddingphotographyt29 Martin and Jody had made their own “marriage certificate”. larmertreeweddingphotographyt30 larmertreeweddingphotographyt31 Wonderful flag waving by their guests!larmertreeweddingphotographyt32 larmertreeweddingphotographyt33 larmertreeweddingphotographyt34 A  Mariachi band played on the music stage – which was really fun and unusual yet again – are you sensing a theme to this day?!
larmertreeweddingphotographyt35 larmertreeweddingphotographyt36 larmertreeweddingphotographyt37 Martin and Jody went for a little chauffeur driven drive in the Cadillac. Of course I had to go too, to photograph it – love my job!larmertreeweddingphotographyt38 larmertreeweddingphotographyt39Jody’s sister surprised Jody with a pirate themed cake, buried treasure and an octopus no less – she loved it!larmertreeweddingphotographyt40 larmertreeweddingphotographyt41 larmertreeweddingphotographyt42 larmertreeweddingphotographyt43 Check out that sunshine – it was such a lovely day!larmertreeweddingphotographyt44 Croquet on the lawn anyone?!larmertreeweddingphotographyt45 larmertreeweddingphotographyt46 larmertreeweddingphotographyt47 larmertreeweddingphotographyt48 larmertreeweddingphotographyt49 larmertreeweddingphotographyt50 larmertreeweddingphotographyt51 larmertreeweddingphotographyt52 Time to eat!larmertreeweddingphotographyt53 larmertreeweddingphotographyt54 larmertreeweddingphotographyt55 larmertreeweddingphotographyt56 larmertreeweddingphotographyt57The speeches were hilarious!larmertreeweddingphotographyt58 larmertreeweddingphotographyt59 larmertreeweddingphotographyt60 Then back outside for more fun!larmertreeweddingphotographyt61 larmertreeweddingphotographyt62 larmertreeweddingphotographyt63 Pinatas! larmertreeweddingphotographyt64 larmertreeweddingphotographyt65 larmertreeweddingphotographyt66 larmertreeweddingphotographyt67 larmertreeweddingphotographyt68 larmertreeweddingphotographyt69 Dancing!larmertreeweddingphotographyt70 larmertreeweddingphotographyt71 larmertreeweddingphotographyt72 larmertreeweddingphotographyt73Thank you once again to Martin and Jody for an amazing day and congratulations!


Donna and Danny’s Bournemouth Wedding

Donna and Danny’s day back in May was a lovely one – with a mixture of sunshine and rain. But with all the warmth from their family and friends, noone really noticed! I started the day at Donna’s mums house with all the girls getting ready. Check out this window for the shoe and dress shots!


These next couple are amongst my favourite of the whole day! This is the moment when Donna saw her two little boys, Stanley and Miles arriving all dressed in their little suits! Look at the love in her eyes as she’s looking out of the window at them!





I met Danny and the rest of the party at St James the Greater Church in Pokesdown.




It was quite an emotional service – even for Danny!


We managed to get a few group shots before the heavens opened!


And I managed to get a couple of Donna and Danny in the doorway of the church out of the rain – lucky I’ve got weathersealed cameras!


By the time we got the reception at the Tudor Grange Hotel – it had stopped again!





Look sunshine!


The speeches were even more emotional!


Then onto the dancing! Love this one of Miles on the dancefloor!




Gotta have a dance with your dad!


Congratulations yet again Donna and Danny! x