Jody and Martin’s Larmer Tree Wedding

Jody and Martin are a lovely couple, who decided to get married this summer and their wedding was just amazing. I was so pleased they asked me to photograph their day as they’d thought of absolutely everything and there were so many details!

They chose one of my favourite venues, the Larmer Tree Gardens in Wiltshire.

Both Jody and Martin got ready at the King John pub just down the road. The first thing they did differently was they weren’t worried about the superstition of seeing each other before the wedding, so whilst I was taking getting ready shots with the girls, Martin kept popping in to check on them, which was really sweet!



Here’s their rings. The fox ring, I believe, was temporary as Jody’s ring wasn’t quite ready for the day.


Check out Jody’s amazing dress. Especially those yellow ruffles underneath!

larmertreeweddingphotographyt04 larmertreeweddingphotographyt05 Jody’s glasses were vintage – and I think they suited her really well. Don’t you just love her yellow bag too?larmertreeweddingphotographyt06 And the shoes? Need I say more? Stunning!larmertreeweddingphotographyt07She even had a pair for dancing in too! Love the photo of Martin and Jody’s dad through the window.
larmertreeweddingphotographyt08 This is Jody’s nephew – what a cutie!larmertreeweddingphotographyt09 larmertreeweddingphotographyt10 Off to the venue – it was turning out to be a lovely day!larmertreeweddingphotographyt11 Jody and Martin chose to have an outdoor humanist ceremony. So pleased the weather was on our side!larmertreeweddingphotographyt12 They’d thought of everything from flags for the guests, to order of services, to beautiful little floral displays.larmertreeweddingphotographyt13 larmertreeweddingphotographyt14 larmertreeweddingphotographyt15 Martin and his best man, Andy were very relaxed.larmertreeweddingphotographyt16 larmertreeweddingphotographyt17 Jody arrived with her dad in a Cadillac!larmertreeweddingphotographyt18 Love Martin’s proud face as he watches Jody arriving.larmertreeweddingphotographyt19 larmertreeweddingphotographyt20 It was one of the most relaxed ceremonies I’ve ever seen.larmertreeweddingphotographyt21 GREAT readings!larmertreeweddingphotographyt22 larmertreeweddingphotographyt23 In the background you can just make out Gail the wedding coordinator at the Larmer Tree, she’s still one of the best I’ve ever worked with. She makes everything run so smoothly.larmertreeweddingphotographyt24 larmertreeweddingphotographyt25 larmertreeweddingphotographyt26 larmertreeweddingphotographyt27 First owl as a ring bearer I’ve ever seen too! I was so pleased to “get the shot!”larmertreeweddingphotographyt28 larmertreeweddingphotographyt29 Martin and Jody had made their own “marriage certificate”. larmertreeweddingphotographyt30 larmertreeweddingphotographyt31 Wonderful flag waving by their guests!larmertreeweddingphotographyt32 larmertreeweddingphotographyt33 larmertreeweddingphotographyt34 A  Mariachi band played on the music stage – which was really fun and unusual yet again – are you sensing a theme to this day?!
larmertreeweddingphotographyt35 larmertreeweddingphotographyt36 larmertreeweddingphotographyt37 Martin and Jody went for a little chauffeur driven drive in the Cadillac. Of course I had to go too, to photograph it – love my job!larmertreeweddingphotographyt38 larmertreeweddingphotographyt39Jody’s sister surprised Jody with a pirate themed cake, buried treasure and an octopus no less – she loved it!larmertreeweddingphotographyt40 larmertreeweddingphotographyt41 larmertreeweddingphotographyt42 larmertreeweddingphotographyt43 Check out that sunshine – it was such a lovely day!larmertreeweddingphotographyt44 Croquet on the lawn anyone?!larmertreeweddingphotographyt45 larmertreeweddingphotographyt46 larmertreeweddingphotographyt47 larmertreeweddingphotographyt48 larmertreeweddingphotographyt49 larmertreeweddingphotographyt50 larmertreeweddingphotographyt51 larmertreeweddingphotographyt52 Time to eat!larmertreeweddingphotographyt53 larmertreeweddingphotographyt54 larmertreeweddingphotographyt55 larmertreeweddingphotographyt56 larmertreeweddingphotographyt57The speeches were hilarious!larmertreeweddingphotographyt58 larmertreeweddingphotographyt59 larmertreeweddingphotographyt60 Then back outside for more fun!larmertreeweddingphotographyt61 larmertreeweddingphotographyt62 larmertreeweddingphotographyt63 Pinatas! larmertreeweddingphotographyt64 larmertreeweddingphotographyt65 larmertreeweddingphotographyt66 larmertreeweddingphotographyt67 larmertreeweddingphotographyt68 larmertreeweddingphotographyt69 Dancing!larmertreeweddingphotographyt70 larmertreeweddingphotographyt71 larmertreeweddingphotographyt72 larmertreeweddingphotographyt73Thank you once again to Martin and Jody for an amazing day and congratulations!



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